I blame the DJ

Hm. Bowling For Soup's get-over-your-crazy-nostalgia piece "1985" was followed on the radio by "Footloose". That HAS to have been on purpose.

Speed Racer in IMAX

I'm a little dubious about this film in general but what the heck, I figure if I'm going to see it, might as well see it in IMAX, right?   Anyone else feel like making an outing of it? Opens on March 9th, I think.

That's me, cult classic!

Not in the "David Koresh" sense, I hope :)


Your Score: Buckaroo Banzai

157 Heart, 179 Genius, 165 Cool, 106 Excitability

Buckaroo Banzai - (Peter Weller)

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984)

You are Buckaroo Banzai! Hard-rockin' neurosurgeon, brilliant scientist, and all-around cool guy. Maybe you didn't have the cinematic success of some of the other guys here, but it's okay - you're a cult classic!

"Hey, hey, hey. Don't be mean. We don't have to be mean because, remember, no matter where you go, there you are."

Other scientific possibilities:

Gary Wallace

Wyatt Donnelly

Peter Venkman

Jordan Cochran

Egon Spengler

Doc Brown

Newton Crosby

Paul Stephens

Ben Crandall

Wayne Szalinkski

Winston Zeddemore

Ben Jabituya

Lazlo Hollyfeld

Ray Stantz

Buckaroo Banzai

Chris Knight

Link: The Which 80s Movie Scientist Test written by xxyl on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Sushi update

Our favorite local sushi place (Yamashiro Bistro) changed hands recently and is now Warabi Japanese Restaurant.

It's... okay. Which is rather annoying, because I liked Yamashiro a lot better. The roll selection is almost as comprehensive now, but consists of a significantly different variety of sushi - and to Tori's annoyance, much of it is now spicy. And certain of the nigiri were no longer nearly as fresh as we were used to from the old place.

On the upside, they did expand their menu a fair bit - lot of new selections from the kitchen instead of just being all about the sushi bar - and what we've tried from there has been reasonably good.  I hope their shabu-shabu turns out to be good. (Can't find that done right in Seattle. If you know a place, drop a comment!)

But in any case, we have actually ventured out to try a new sushi place just to see how it is, instead of going to our "old standby".

So we dropped in at Blue Fin this evening. It's a little like Todai - it's a buffet style selection of Korean and Japanese foods (and some Americanized Chinese food) with heavy sushi emphasis. Like most buffets, it's all-you-can eat; it's pricier than some (circa $28/person) but if you are in a mood to devour lots of sushi it's likely to be much cheaper than doing so at a traditional sushi place.

It's one of the newly remodeled places at Northgate Mall, which isn't exactly inspiring in confidence, but it turned out to be reasonably good. Selection was good - lots of different sushi rolls, nigiri, and even some sashimi. Tempura was good; the BBQ pork was tasty; the bulgogi was kind of mediocre but not bad; the poke tuna was really quite good. Tori's only complaint was the lack of rainbow sprinkles for the ice cream. :)

We figured (accurately enough) that it was a good sign that a considerable proportion of the diners were Asian - quite a number of ethnically Japanese and Korean folks therein, plus a lot of racially-mixed families. I am never certain how authentic many of these places we like to eat are - the one that I'm sure of is Shiro's down in Belltown, which seems to be where the Japanese businessmen come when they are in Seattle - but I certainly would have been less enthused if it'd been just the traditional mall rats eating there.

I doubt it'll be a regular sushi destination for us, but probably an occasional one - it was pretty kid-friendly and well suited to expedient dining... the waiters bring you drinks but otherwise you can immediately rush the sushi bar and load up a plate, and despite it being a fairly busy night we were seated immediately. 

We've got a few other sushi places in mind to check out in the next few weeks or months, so further reviews to follow.

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 In watching "Never Say Never Again" on DVD I was struck by a few things.

A) Sean Connery looks like Ricardo Montalban for a good deal of this movie. Not generally a bad thing, but you can tell that he came out of retirement for this production.

B) This is the worst transfer to DVD I've ever seen from a major studio. Tons of film artifacts that weren't cleaned up, and more than a few MPEG encoding artifacts.

C) The video game scenes are hilarious. There's one room that's an arcade full of nothing but Centipede machines. There's the "Domination" game built into a dining table, with the electroshock handles... it reminds me of the Addams Family video game that was at Gameworks for a while. Though that one JUST gives you electrical shocks and the point of the game is just to hang on and light up old Uncle Fester, heh heh.

D) It's rather jarring to see replacement characters for all the recurring Bond cast. Q in particular annoys me. And having Mr. Bean as Bond's support contact inspires expectations that are a little more slapstick than 007.

E) Though much of the dialog is lacking, especially for the villains, there's some winners. Unfortunately, they're almost all before the film really gets rolling.

Q: "I hope we're going to have some gratuitous sex and violence, Mister Bond!"

M: Too many free radicals. That's your problem.
007: "Free radicals," sir?
M: Yes. They're toxins that destroy the body and the brain, caused by eating too much red meat and white bread and too many dry martinis!
007: Then I shall cut out the white bread, sir. 

Nurse: Mr. Bond, I need a urine sample. If you could fill this beaker for me?
James Bond: From here?