Spamalot followup

OK - getting ready to get tix for Spamalot on Sunday the 14th of October.

So far I have:

argh_jim, 1 ticket
deviled_man, 1 ticket
quetz, ?
purplecheerio, 1 ticket
dizzypickle, 2 tickets

Other takers?

Here's looking at you, kid

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Assorted miscellany

Have been going through some of my music that I haven't listened to in a while. It's always a joy to hear again some of the music that I haven't consciously been aware that I'm missing. Some songs remind me of particular people - but most of them don't have a face that matches, just some pleasant memories or a great melody - or occasionally just clever lyrics. (I'm looking at you, Voltaire.)

Finally getting over the deluge of colds (he says, probably jinxing himself). This winter has been pretty rough on that front. I am not at all sure that the flu shot helped me this year, but I guess I didn't catch EVERYTHING. Would probably help to get more exercise, though unfortunately getting a cold knocks me off the proverbial treadmill and it's sometimes a downward spiral from there. Hopefully I'll be back at the gym in a couple more days.

Had an odd surge of creativity the other day. Don't know what to attribute it to, but I pulled out a pad to scribble down a few notes this last weekend, and just kept going and going. I suppose it was just ideas that had been percolating somewhere at the back of my consciousness for a while. We'll see what comes of it, sooner or later.

Many interesting things in the works - no idea how I'll find time to do them all, but it's great to feel like things are looking up.

OK, back to fixing everything and updating the presentation.
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